Caucasus University offers Double Degree Programs and joint certificate programs through the agreements with our partner Universities

The Double Degree program is for students at Caucasus School of Business and Caucasus School of Law who want to study at partner Universities and get two separate degrees – TWO DIPLOMAS from your home university (Caucasus University) and the partner University in four academic years.

Joint certificate Programs have become very popular over the last years and many of the students that earn the joint certificate have found potential employers recognize the additional efforts and experience by offering higher starting salaries. Joint certificate programs typically involve completion of several courses in the area of the joint certificate. Additionally, the program includes Internship abroad. Upon the successful completion of certificate program a student will get a certificate of attendance from Partner University.

საწყისი გვერდისაერთაშორისო ურთიერთობებიორმაგი ხარისხის პროგრამები